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Portable Table Mate

Table Mate one of the advanced type of table for people.

Table Mate India | The Leading Brand in the Market!

Being portable is one of the best features of a Table Mate. These tables are easy to use and handle. The introduction of Table Mate has vastly affected the selling rate of those old heavy big table occupying a lot of space. The Table Mate, on the other hand, can be stored easily in any corner of the house. Table Mate is quite comfortable tables for both adult and children.



Salient features of Portable Table Mate


1)  The Table Mate is mobile and can be transported easily. Table Mate is lightweight and user-friendly for all the age groups.

2)  You can perform various activities such as reading, writing, studying, dining and even as a laptop stand.

3)  The table is adjustable to different heights and levels and can be fixed by a few screws.

4)  The table is fold-able and folds to 1/3rd of its size making it easy to store even in the little corner of the house.



Portable Table Mate


Portable and convertible Table Mate are available in the market in a wide range loaded with different features, height and color ranges. So go order it either from an online store or buy them from the market at suitable prices.

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Source: http://tablemate.co.in